Dear Great Friends

I'm having quite a tough time with my business right now. I will not be writing for quite some time and I don't have any idea how long it could be. Maybe it'll take months, even years. I have tonnes of things to figure out. I just hope you guys could pray for me, get back on my feet again because right now I lost everything.


  1. i kno dat it must be sucks to be in a lot of trouble
    i hate it a lot
    all i wanna say is dat u must face the problem not avoiding them
    n i pray for ur happiness n success
    im on your side
    love u

  2. always pray for u, buddy.pray for me also, sedang mula mmbina mase depan.

    hope we can having our vacation one rite day soon.mybe in singapura...yeay.

  3. sure do, no worries. hang in there, remmebr what i said? theres always a reason to whatever happen. just dont give up.

  4. terima kaseh aiman, afni, akhmar. terima kaseh yg amat sangat. hidop syarikat idris bersaudara!!!!